Microsoft has acquired PromoteIQ, a New York start-up specialized in marketing technologies for online sellers. Formerly known as Spotfront, PromoteIQ helps retailers incorporate ads into their online storefronts and thus serve as an automated vendor marketing platform that helps in monetizing e-commerce site traffic.

Founded by Alex Sherman and Peter Schwartz in 2012, PromoteIQ provides brands and online retailers with tools to manage and promote the visibility of their products, including through targeted promotions. The SoHo-based start-up has also developed a series of real-time analytics solutions that allow customers to track sales trends and page views. On its website, PromoteIQ talks about the trust it has from groups such as the Kohl's department store chain and the Office Depot office supplier. PromoteIQ has about 40 employees, according to its company profile on LinkedIn.

The company says that Microsoft's support will enable it to accelerate its growth by improving its expertise in artificial intelligence, but also by acquiring a global dimension. It is expected that PromoteIQ will be integrated into the Microsoft advertising division, even though the company should retain its brand. PromoteIQ’s technology complements Microsoft’s current retail advertising offerings, and together they should provide retailers with a portfolio of technology solutions to modernize their e-commerce platforms and maximize their monetization opportunity.

In a blog post, Rik van der Kooi Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Advertising, said, “I am excited to announce that Microsoft has acquired PromoteIQOpens in new window, the leading provider of vendor marketing technology to online retailers and brands. We are constantly striving to empower our retail and manufacturing clients with solutions to help them grow their e-commerce and in-store commerce businesses. Today’s announcement is an important step in the journey to innovate and accelerate our offerings.”

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