Duolingo recently joined forces with Twitch to extend language learning beyond the first platform. Using Twitch, a streaming platform, people can watch gaming sessions at their leisure and can also use it for other things such as learning another language.

Now Twitch streamers can create streams dedicated to teaching a new language using Duolingo Verified Streamer Program. This would provide much more support than static lessons with pre-recorded videos, books or audio. Through the general Duolingo channel on Twitch, the creators telecast the existing courses or use the platform to promote the use of languages in everyday situations such as travel.

With streaming, you can interact live with your "teacher" and get feedback and help instantly. The session will also be much more discussion-oriented, which could be very useful if you plan to travel abroad and want to master certain notions. At the launch of the program, only a few languages ​​are available: English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish but others should be added in the future.

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