Launched recently, the Awair Glow C is an air sensor, smart plug, and nightlight all plugged in one device, and works well at diagnosing air quality issues.

Glow C plugs directly into a wall outlet, and takes in air to check temperature, humidity, and the presence of volatile organic compounds (such as ammonia, methane, ethanol, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide). The product though does not measure the exact quantities of each chemical. Instead, it outputs a combined "chemicals" figure in parts per billion. From all three categories it generates a 0-100 "Awair Score," in which anything under 80 is considered a potential problem.

The device has a small light that serves as a visual indicator for the quality of the air: green when it is good, red when it is necessary to take precautions. It can also be used as a nightlamp. The Glow C also has a motion detector and starts automatically as soon as a person is in the room.

All the data collected and its analysis can se seen on the dedicated mobile app. With each change in air quality, the app sends a notification and makes suggestions to improve it. Apart from its application, the Awair Glow C also connects to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

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